Sunday, September 9, 2007

how can i forget Hedge...

these are some old boards i did for "Over the Hedge" from... wow, about two years ago now. i loved drawing and spending time with these characters... they became family to me, as did the remarkably talented and inspirational crew of story artists with whom i had the privilidge to work with for fourteen months. i feel truly lucky to have been part of this amazing crew. we all enjoyed every moment working on this film together and i feel that the love we had for this project really shows through in the final product! so... enjoy!

(this is the part where Hammy says to RJ "here take this, i'm not supposed to drink this stuff" as he hands him a caffeinated drink)

* all work copyright DreamWorks Animation


monday-morgue said...

'HA!' that moment was so funny, sweet drawings!

Fighting Irish said...

Vincent says, "Heh! Heh! Heeeehh!

Tom Cho said...

Hey Mags, I remember that part in the movie. Excellent stuff. How's lala land these days?

Maggie Kang said...

thank you all!
i like to take credit for the drink box drinking Hammy in the shot ^___^

Sean - ma sugar-bear laugh! heh heh heeeeeh!

Stina said...

looove that part.
and looove your drawings.

jose ramirez said...

this stuff is very clean,
a question how long does it take to sketch out one frame.

i know these are suppose to be pretty quick. right?

i am a concept artist for CORGAN MEDIALAB (small production studio attached to an architectural, go fig!) that is starting to expand into the entertainment side, and they hired me. but i dont have real experience in the field, so i am clueless on time frames of how long i should be taking to do this stuff.
i do storyboards sometimes.
mainly character and design work for animation projects.

anyways i am rambling now.
fantastic work.
thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...

I just landed here via Morgan's blog. Love your drawings- so much life & fluidity in your linework. Totally had to smile at the childhood comic you posted earlier. Can't wait to see more!! Cheers. :)

Anonymous said...

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