Thursday, December 20, 2007

i am lazy

hiya peeps.

sorry i've been a lazy bum and haven't updated for months. i really have no excuses... well, except that it's been quite busy at work the past few months preparing for a screening (which went really well btw) and there is always the other stuff that life bitch-slaps you in the face.

i will be posting more in the new year... after i get back from Toronto!
see you all in the new year!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

here's a quick one

i've been working on "Shrek 4" for little over a month now and i must say i love drawing this little guy!
this one is from a "scrambling to get boards done for a check in" board. i love the spontaneous, expressive feel of the first rough for a pose... aaaah!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

how can i forget Hedge...

these are some old boards i did for "Over the Hedge" from... wow, about two years ago now. i loved drawing and spending time with these characters... they became family to me, as did the remarkably talented and inspirational crew of story artists with whom i had the privilidge to work with for fourteen months. i feel truly lucky to have been part of this amazing crew. we all enjoyed every moment working on this film together and i feel that the love we had for this project really shows through in the final product! so... enjoy!

(this is the part where Hammy says to RJ "here take this, i'm not supposed to drink this stuff" as he hands him a caffeinated drink)

* all work copyright DreamWorks Animation

Thursday, September 6, 2007


ahhh Domokun... how i love your black beaded eyes and square mouth on your poop-like body... running through the grass hand in hand with you is ever so much fun...

finding nemo

this past labour day i took a trip to Disneyland with Anna who was visiting. this must have been the hottest weekend by far this summer... it was well over 40 degrees out there! (that's celsius!). so of course, even though a holiday, it was dead quiet at the park... which was great!
i've never been on the new Nemo ride and considering the wait is usually 4 hours long, i thought hey, an hour wait... that's nothing. let's just say by the time i got to getting on the ride i didn't even care for going on it at all but just wanted to be in an air conditioned space... the whole time in line i was thinking, this ride better be freaking worth it!
well it was... it was such a cute, beautifully done ride... the bubbles and light effects, the colours... the jellyfish were by far the most amazing part of the ride. the experience really makes me want to watch the movie again... my favorite of all the Pixar movies.
here are some pics i took!:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

so this is how it all started...

the last time i was home i was rummaging through my old boxes of stuff from when i was a kid. i dug up some stories and pictures i did as a kid... these are from a comic book i did of a school ski trip from grade 5 i think...
this is it... the beginnings of a story artist! (note the stick men - i still use those in my boards hehehe)